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remote help desk


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Services offered by O-Netrix

Computer Service

Computer repairs

Whether it be home computers, business workstations, servers or notebooks, our qualified technical team can meet your every business technology service need.

Business Solutions

We take care of all your network, wiring, security, telephony and computer based systems, so you enjoy peace of mind and the confidence that comes with knowing your systems are supported day in and day out.

Certified Professionals

Our computer technicians are highly certified professionals, A+, N+, MSCE, MSP, CSOM. Continually expanding their certification levels in order to better assist and support your business needs.

Network and Server

Our Systems Engineers are certified, professional, up-to-date with business technology, and most importantly, able to interact with you and your staff in a personable and business-like manner. We assign both a primary and secondary systems engineer to handle your account and schedule weekly or monthly on-site support. They keep your network running smoothly at optimum performance levels.

When your business needs professional information technology services without the burden of a full-time computer network technician, consider a service contract with O-Netrix Solutions.


A network is only as fast as the wiring and implementation of its hardware. In order to utilize the optimum performance of today’s technology, your network architecture must also be up to date with the technology.

O-Netrix can offer you a wide variety of network services, including
Web Servers
Database Servers
Fax Servers
Print Servers
Media Streaming
File Servers
VPN Server
Network Optimization
... And much more


Virtual Private Networking is a means of virtually connecting two or more office networks together through the use of the internet. Share files and services between your multiple offices securely. VPN can also be used to connect you to your corporate network from home or when you’re away on a business trip.


Wide Area Networking is a means of connecting multiple offices together through the use of a private T1 line. This method is faster than VPN and much more practical if you plan on using it for heavy transfer volume.

Phone and Data


We provide sales and installation of telephone and voicemail systems. From small office key systems to PBX systems to Voice over IP systems, we can custom design a solution to meet all of your communications needs.

Need a phone system for your business? Need voicemail? We offer both new and refurbished systems and PBX’s to meet the communications needs of small, medium, and large businesses.


A resilient, integrated, and adaptive network infrastructure is a critical component of today’s communications systems. Much like the foundation of your home, the importance of the proper infrastructure for your organization cannot be underestimated.

Our technicians are highly qualified and have over twenty years of experience. We will work with you to design a solution that fits your needs perfectly.


O-Netrix is proud to offer both commercial and residential electrical services to the Cariboo. As a class B contractor and BC Hydro , O-Netrix offers a wide variety of services including maintenance, repairs, renovations and new construction. Whether you are looking for LED lighting upgrades, agricultural service, emergency light testing or fire alarm service, the O-Netrix electrical department has you covered.

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